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    Looking for some assistance

    James Archer

      I'm trying to get a shadow underneath the logo while keeping the muffler light up but with a small shiny reflection. I'm new to Visualize and just got pro just a couple weeks ago.

      Ive attached what I have so far. Thank you for any information or help provided!

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          Scott Ellery

          HI James ,


          it is difficult to add specific shadows as visualize renders the environment as it would be in real life , you can try some area lights but I think the best option may be to raise the lettering a bit more in SOLIDWORKS. it may not be true scale for the actual part but it may yield better results in for the render.


          beyond that I would experiment with you environments as they control how the light hits the part. not sure what you meant by the reflection , did you want a reflection in the logo on the muffler or the muffler in the environment?


          if in the muffler you will have to use a left rough appearance and for the environment you can adjust the floor reflections in the Scene tab

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            Rob Rodríguez

            I went to the model tree, expanded the 13300 model, the the root group and selected the brushed steel part. Under advanced I set the corner radius to 1.  In preview I set the mode to accurate so you can see the rounded edges.  Your logo shows up nicely with the rounded edges turned on.  Downfall is you have to use accurate mode (takes more time) to save the image.


            Oh, I also switched to the auto photo studio environment.



            Muffler 2.PNG