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Trying to transition to SWE from autocad, please help with my growing pains.

Question asked by Benjamin Zuses on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Lord Fly

So I have been tasked by my job to learn to use SWE as part of our effort to migrate our controls design work to it from basic autocad (seriously basic, we are using AC2004 and everything is just lines and text).  I have a training manual for SWE 2015, am using SWE 2017, and we are going to 2018 in a few months.
Anyway here are my issues:

1. I figured out how to find the keyboard shortcut settings but they don't stick. Nothing I do to try and make the environment a bit more friendly to what I am used to sticks. I change the background to black in Interface Configuration and next time I open SWE it is back to beige. Turning off the Grid, Snap, and Ortho and they get turned back on constantly. I have to repeatedly uncheck the "reverse zoom direction" checkbox because apparently that is on by default (??!). Why am I not able to configure the interface and environment of the software so whatever project I use I can interact consistently?

2. Why is the interface painful and confusing? The training guide shows icons in the tabs of the side panel to help you navigate. As you can see circled in my image, they are blank for me. So I just have to click them randomly until I find the right one.  Also why do all the icons look like they were drawn with 16x16 pixel bitmaps? The aliasing is painful to look at, especially the top row Quick Access icons.  What gives?




SWE Interface.jpg

Any help would be appreciated. I am sure I will have more to discuss as I get further into this process.