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Terminal bridging

Question asked by Gert Truu on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Gert Truu

Hi! I have a quession how to bridge terminlas withouth wasting one connection point in solidworks electrical. I have two cases, added as picture.


Figure 1 terminal insertion does not leave any empty connection but when I bridge similar terminals there is still total mess in wiring. Visualy seems logical that Y7.2 and Y8.2 can go to bridged terminal both side connections but solidworks processes it differently.


Figure 2 - That type of terminal insertions let me bridge terminals normaly and solidworks understands similar terminals but after the bridging if there is 5 similar terminals, 4 terminals have one empty terminal. Its a huge waste when I have 20 similar terminals.


Also most of the time I have to do manual cabling order to get bridging correct.


Any hints how to avoid theese issiues?



Usually I need this type of bridging with power supply (+24VDC or 400VAC) terminals

Thanks for the help!



Figure 1



Figure 2