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Square to round duct

Question asked by Andreas Riseng on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Ned Hutchinson



I am trying to model a square 350mm x 350mm to round Ø300 at 200mm distance.


First of all let me say SW is really giving me a hard time. I came from NX background 4 years ago, and started with Inventor. Hated the transition due to lack of functionality. Now, we've recently gone to SW - which actually is an even bigger restriction although I assumed otherwise.


Could someone please help me produce this shape, and thicken the surface to 3mm? Need the inner diameter to stay at Ø300, so need to be thickened outwards.

It must be sheet metal and flatten-able in order to produce 2D dwg cutting drawings.


As you see I have had to produce the profile in a very timeconsuming manner (basically a restriction workaround), as the functionality of SW is poor. I've tried probably 20 different ways to shape this, including the loft and "add connector" feature, but it wont let me attach multiple end points at the same spot which is required at the square corner, and circle midpoints, in order to avoid double curved surfaces.


I've tried with rounded corners on the square, but still the circle midpoints cannot be attached to two different connector endpoints for some weird reason - therefore generating a double curved surface.