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Cut list table not working properly.  Does not display numbers but will only display the name of the dimensions.

Question asked by Darrell Conley on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Darrell Conley

So I have a bit of an issue with the cut list of a weldment I am trying to display.  It is an unusual one because this is the first time I am having an issue like this on a weldment cut list.


I have a mirror of a weldment so I placed the dimensions in so I can re-create the cut list for the mirrored components.

Created the dimensions and then input them the same way I would normally.

Cut list table displayed dimension name instead of dimension values.

Double checked cut list properties and displays numbers correctly.

Double checked the cut list table preview tab, numbers display correctly.

Re-inserted cut list into drawing file.

None of these things changed the display of the cut list.


Attached are some screen grabs of what I am having issues with.


What is the best solution for this issue?