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Step Import

Question asked by Trev Friesen on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Felix T.

I find it totally frustrating when after paying 5K plus and subscription my $80 for 2 years Fusion360 no up front just the sub...( That's about 3k for Solidworks) can open large .step files and Solidworks just cannot seem to. Fusion opens it in about 90 seconds ...Solidworks "Parsing file, pass 1" 30 mins and counting. I have tried multiple times on two different computers with two completely different subs . This sure looks like the software and not something I am doing. Anyone else have issues with importing .step files ? I use SW 99.9 % of the time . I have Fusion360 because it "CAN" open .step files clean which I can then re-save so SW can have a chance. Maybe SW should just hide Fusion in its code to appear to be a good value.