Cannot open SolidWorks file in Composer?

Discussion created by 1-C58PCB on Feb 13, 2009
Are you facing problems with opening solidworks files in Composer? Here are some tips:

Option 1: Check knowledge base on this customer portal. The kbase is expanding on a regular basis.

Option 2: If you have SW2009 and SW2008 installed on same machine and your files are saved in SW2008 format (because you don't dare to get on to SW2009 yet :-)), go to "Settings-->Application Preferences" in Composer and look for SolidWorks versions list in the INPUT tab. Default is "Auto-Detect". Set it to SW2008. (I faced this problem yesterday at a customer's place).

Option 3: Open SolidWorks and export SMG by using FREE Add-in (you know you can get it from customer portal on download page). Use the SMG directly in the Composer. This option helped us yesterday because SolidWorks assembly had some parts with missing file location and hence SolidWorks was trying to find the referenced SLDPRT when opening assembly and hence SolidWorks was hanging up in hidden mode, eventually hanging up Composer (with Converter dialog acting as if its still working)

Option 4: Always contact your reseller tech support.

Any more tricks worked for you?