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linking configuration specific custom properties

Question asked by William Miller on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Wing Hoe Tan

Hello all,


My company recently switched to 2017, and I am missing a feature that I was sure was available in 2015.


I am trying to link a configuration specific custom property while editing the sheet format. For example, I have a model that has two configurations: configuration 1 and configuration 2. EACH of these configurations has a custom property (config. 1, prop. 1/config. 1, prop. 2/config. 2 prop. 1/ config. 2, prop. 2). I cannot link these properties while on the "Edit Sheet Format" screen. See screen shots below:


normal sheet view with a view of configuration 1.

Editing the drawing format with my annotations ready for linking to their appropriate titles



showing the custom properties and what they SHOULD be linking to


showing that the configuration 2 properties do not show up in the selection box