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Maintaining features through all configurations

Question asked by David Lewis on Apr 10, 2018

In designing a fixturing system, I built an assembly where the positions of some parts are driven by points in a controlling sketch which has multiple configurations based on the product being manufactured. I would like to include a plate which has multiple holes for an alignment pin that reference the different positions the tool can be set to.


I am doing this so the only unique part the technician has to change out between product lines is this plate; all of the size configurations within a product line could be fitted by this plate. Different model, different plate, prest-o-change-o.


I think I can accomplish this if it were possible to have features which are durable between configurations. For example, I was able to model the part by converting entities, breaking the link and anchoring, but this seems like a kludge. I'd like for this one part in the assembly to show an alignment pin hole for six of the configurations from the design table at a time. There are at least 24 configurations, but I want to machine the plate to include the holes for six at a time.


I'm curious if this is even possible, and if so, how to do it.