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Ø symbol in Property Tab Builder

Question asked by Phil Marra on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Matt Peneguy

Not sure if this is the proper place for this issue, but I will ask anyhow. I have a template built with the Custom Property Tab Builder that has a finished size tab. It is linked to a text file that has selections for overall sizes in the format, "RD1@annotations" Ø X "RD2@annotations". This allows me to set  ref dims on the part and they will propagate to the BOM. My problem is the "Ø" symbol will not come thru to the BOM. I used the alt 0216 code and it shows up in the text file but once in the propertab tab it becomes a balck diamond with a "?" mark? Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or if it is even possible to do what I am trying?