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Rotated Attributes

Question asked by Lord Fly on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Brian Cooke

I don't know why, but SWE seems to have a lot of issues with any kind of rotated attribute.  I created some origin and destination symbols, but when they are inserted in the direction opposite from the orientation I drew them in, I need to right click and go Symbol>Updated.  Then it will show it correctly.  They do work perfectly fine, I just need to updated them every time I put them in.  Would be really nice if there is a fix for that.


And similarly, I drew a symbol that has an attribute rotated 90° and an opposite one rotated -90° (or 270°, I tried both, doesn't make a difference).  The attribute that is rotated 90° shows up correctly, but the other one shows up rotated the same way, which does not work for me.  It's almost like SWE sees it's not rotated the same and is trying to fix it for me without asking.