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Using an assembly design table to create multiple part configurations?

Question asked by Curtis Jameson on Apr 10, 2018

I have a simple top down designed assembly that is driven by a very basic layout sketch. The assembly is essentially several slightly different rings stacked together. All of the parts in the design table reference the layout sketch which is used to control the ring diameters. The assembly is set up so that I can change the diameter of all of the components at once by changing one diameter in the layout sketch. From here I inserted a design table and added multiple values for this layout sketch diameter to create multiple configurations of the assembly with different diameters.


Now for the tricky part. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the assembly design table to create multiple configurations of each of the parts at their different diameters. The way it is working right now the parts are sizing properly when I change the assembly configuration, but I only have a single part for each of the assembly diameters. What I want is for each assembly configuration to have a matching part configuration for the different diameters. I know that I could add a design table to each of my parts to create the part configurations and then build an assembly from them, but this would defeat the purpose of having a top down design assembly that drives all of the parts.


Hopefully this makes sense and someone out there has an elegant solution. Thanks!