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    Glitchy geometry

    Andreas Olofsson

      Has anyone else encountered this? How do I solve it? Been pulling my hair out trying to make it go away but to no avail. It's messing up my renders. Geometry looks normal within Solidworks 2017 but messed up in Visualize.

      I've tried using "repair normals" and "rebuild normals" or whatever, but that had no effect. I'm assuming it's related to the normals maybe?




      Interesting... I tried exporting the geo from Visualize and imported it into Blender. Looks normal in there...


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          Rob Rodríguez

          What if you export the geometry out of blender and back into Vis?  Does that still give you the glitch results in Vis?


          I've had some weird issues the last couple of days but its overlapping geometry that vis is either importing hidden parts from SW or creating multiple "material" instances of the same parts in Vis.  I have found ways to solve it.


          Another thought.  What if you export your SW file as an OBJ and import that into Vis.  Do you still have the issue?

          If you do a google search for SW OBJ exporter you'll find a free one.  It works pretty well.

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              Andreas Olofsson

              Hi Rob!


              Appreciate the input. I tried importing from Blender but the weird geo still showed up in Visualize


              I've also gotten an increase of this type of glitches the last week for some reason... In one case the fix was just to re-import the model and Visualize managed to interpret the geo properly the second time around.


              In this case though at first I assumed it was the classic case of Visualize importing hidden parts (how about a fix for this in a future SP, devs?), but there are no hidden parts in my assembly. I even imported the single part file and still get the glitch... Can't figure this one out!!


              Anyway, thanks again for the input!

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              Shad Thomas

              Is the "ELME" decal placed in solidworks and then imported into Visualize? If so, try removing it before exporting to Visualize and then add it while in Visualize. I've had some issues with exporting decals from Solidworks into Visualize.

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                  Andreas Olofsson

                  Hi Shad!

                  It's actually a "split line" feature and not a decal. I've personally got no faith in using decals for various reasons... So I just model my "decals" into the geometry.


                  I tried importing the part without the split line feature, but the problem is still there on the rounded edges:

                  Areas with densely packed edges seem to be affected by this glitch. On this particular part... Very strange. I've had several parts modeled the same way but never had this problem before. I guess my best bet is having a dev have a look at the SW part and see what they can find.


                  Thanks for your input!

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                  Ron Bates

                  Andreas - I know in some of those screenshots, we see what looks like a single part, isolated from the rest of the assembly.  Did you just hide everything else?  OR did you import the part/component itself into an empty scene?  If it was the former, can you try the latter?  I'm just curious if the issue displays only when importing the assembly...or if it occurs when importing the part itself.


                  Along with Rob's idea, use another native format from SW (instead of .OBJ.)  ie Export the part file as a parasolids .X_T or .X_B.  Then import this into visualize.  And again, check on the rebuild/repair normals options for the part.


                  Also looks like, from your screenshots, you're on 2017.  Can/have you tried 2018?


                  (note: regarding import of hidden geometry.  This issue is on our radar. It only occurs when importing using Appearance part grouping.  If you import using Automatic, then hidden geometry will be set to 0% opaque).

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                      Andreas Olofsson

                      Hi Ron,


                      Thanks for the input! Much appreciated

                      The part was imported all by itself into an empty scene. This problem seems to be rooted in the part level and just gets more noticeable as the part moves up the hierarchy and assembly features like 'extruded cut' are introduced - since that adds more densely packed edges to the geo.

                      I've tried Visualize 2018 but I get the same results there. Tried saving as .X_T and .X_B but it looks the same Rebuild / repair normals had no effect either.


                      Sending you a PM!


                      Glad to hear there's something in the works for the Appearance importation of hidden parts btw There have been scenarios where I've received CAD data from a client and once it's in Visualize I can only trust that it'll look the same as it did for their engineer inside of SW.

                      On a side note I personally never use Automatic part grouping for big assemblies as applying box mapping and world scale to every part that needs it is a project in and of itself.