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    Adding "Custom Properties" to drawings

      I'm in the middle of setting up a drawing template for the parts which would display the "Custom Properties" of every part automatically once the part is brought in.

      Is there an easy way to do this?


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          Charles Culp
          What part of setting up the template are you having difficulty with?
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              Trying to create a custom drawing sheet template that I can use for any part that I design, so wanted to add a table or block(s) perhaps to read off the custom properties of each individual part when they are dropped into the sheet.

              does it make any sense?
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                  Eddie Cyganik


                  I do not think this is possible.

                  The only way Solidworks can report multiple components including properties of each individual component is through a BOM. Of course, a BOM requires an assembly model. The properties of individual components can only be reported or display by attachment of an annotation.

                  Your idea sounds interesting and if Solidworks could provide for this then it would solve many other issues concerning multi-detail drawings.

                  The only solution that I can think of is to place a BOM under each of the components as they are added to a drawing.
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                      oh well....yea thats what I basically did, created a table which listed all the cofiguration properties in one column and their "values" in the other. The "values" were then linked to each matching property as shown in the first pic.

                      Yes Jay I'm going to be using configuration specific properties for different config. Thanks for the advice.

                      Eddie, yea definetly it would be much easier if it autmatically generate the table listing custom properties. For now, I guess I will be manually linking the properties from drop down menu as shown in the second pic below.

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                  Jay Andrews
                  Basically, insert a BOM table and add a column for each property you want to show. When you create each column, type in the name of the property in the drop-down box. If you want to change the property for a column, double click the button at the top of the column. Then you also have to create this custom property in the part template if you want to be efficient. Also you might want to make some of the properties configuration specific, if you use configurations in parts.