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    Magnifying glass behavior in drawings

    Tom Gagnon

      In a D-size drawing shown fit to screen, I hit G to activate Magnifying Glass. MG appears, allowing me to select 12pt text notes. Within the MG, I double-click that note to begin editing it. Then the MG goes away and I'm left editing itty bitty text on my screen which I can't read due to resolution. Is this how the MG is intended to behave?

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          Tom Gagnon

          The name of the Command is Magnified Selection. This is the command which is also trigger-able from the Tools menu. The name of the tool gives me some bit of clue here. It selects. That's what it does. Once another command upon the selection is made, its job may be done.


          I guess I'll stick to Edit In Window, or zoom in to edit directly with fonts and text properties. Zoom to Selection does not work in drawings, for as far as I can tell it is not available to call upon.

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            Dan Pihlaja

            It does NOT disappear when editing a Sketch Text note in a sketch in an assembly or a part.


            In a drawing, the Magnifying glass immediately disappears upon even selecting a note for me. (SW 2017 SP5)

            Edit: Or any annotation in the drawing environment.  I was going to say that is disappeared for anything in which the Property manager appeared, but that is not the case because selecting sketch lines does NOT make the Magnifier go away.


            What version of SW are you using?


            This means that multi selecting notes using the magnifying glass is impossible unless you box select.


            I would say that this is probably NOT intended behavior (IMO).    I would report this to your VAR.

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              Glenn Schroeder



              I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but this is one big advantage when using a 3d mouse.  It's so incredibly easy to zoom in and out in a Drawing that it would never occur to me to use the Magnifying Glass feature.  The Spacemouse Pro that I recently upgraded to even has a built-in Fit button that will zoom back out to the whole sheet when I'm done.



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                  Tom Gagnon

                  I agree, Glenn. I also typically use 3D mouse. That''s why I'm only experiencing this now after a few years of producing drawings.


                  I was exploring MG use when interacting with drawings of very large assemblies. When I watch my processor loads, I can tell that it is chugging away to render screen views while zooming. I was trying to find a faster more efficient method to edit what I need to without the render delay.


                  Edit: Zoom to Area (rectangle box zoom tool) does achieve a zoom faster than 3D Mouse, which is why I make sure it's available on my heads-up menu. Again, there are tried and trusted methods to get around this, but I'm still thinking that MG use could be improved generally in drawings.