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How can i get the wire numbers in ODD or Even Numbering?

Question asked by Harshith K. S. on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Harshith K. S.

I am using a wire group with 2 wires, the first phase wire and another is neutral/ ground.

I want the wire numbering in such a fashion that the single phase wire must be all odd. And ground wires must be even.

I tried modifying from our end and got a result that all phase wires are in odd and ground wires are in even. But the problem is for the first wire under even is undefined. I used the following formula.




So here I got to know that this "IIF" statement works with a syntax 'IIF(CONDITION, TRUE STATEMENT, FALSE STATEMENT)'

Hence we modified the formulae as IIF(ODD(EQUIPOTENTIAL_ORDERNO)==true,EQUIPOTENTIAL_ORDERNO,EQUIPOTENTIAL_ORDERNO+1) and respectively.

So from this above formula, I was getting the things as per the requirement in the 'TEST' window.

But this result is not replicated on schematics.