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Unable to create cut sweep of 3D spline on shaft

Question asked by Ryan Lapera on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Let me begin by saying I'm not very good with shafts and dealing with features on rounded parts. That said, I'm trying to create a sort of "spiral" cut that goes up through the shaft, and cuts through only on one side. I've tried to use a 3D spline placed on the outer surface of the shaft, and then place a circle at the bottom. I'd use this circle as the profile and the spline as the path. The pictures below will better understand what I'm trying to say. I tried to put the circles closer to the middle of the shaft (so it will cut through one side) and it ended up messing the path up and didn't look smooth at all. So how would I get the path of the last photo, but have everything cut (instead of leaving material, like I have now). Thank you so much for your help.