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vdi solidworks profile corruption

Question asked by Brandon Waggoner on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Juan López

We are using VMWare Horizon 7 with UEM.  I've profiled Solidworks so UEM will remember all of the settings the user makes and inject them into their next session but when this happens the Solidworks registry is somehow becoming corrupt.  I've disabled the UEM Profiling and and told it just to remember the HKCU\software\solidworks\solidworks 2017 key.  Every time the user logs off and back on they get an error with the file.  I know it's not the file as I can delete the registry setting rerun our settings and the file opens just fine.   I had this working a couple years back so I'm not sure if it's changes to UEM or Solidworks or what.  I've reached out to my support but wasn't sure if anyone with VDI experience has run into this or not.


Thanks in advance.