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How to properly use Web2

Question asked by Lazar Rmus on Apr 8, 2018

Hey guys,


We have recently had our reseller setup Web2 to evaluate whether it will be a good tool for remote users.


I have been testing a couple of basic scenarios, and thus far I am pretty underwhelmed and perplexed.


My understanding is that Web2 is meant to emulate SW PDM.  However, if I download an assembly, it only gives me the assembly file, not any of the parts required to build the assembly.  And if I do end up downloading all files, it loses all the vault references when I try to upload back into the originating folder.


Is there something that I am missing? Or a configuration setting that needs to be modified?


Is it something as simple as checking out all the files even if changes are only required on one?


Any insight would be appreciated