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Angle call out in sheet metal

Question asked by Bryan Lagrange on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2018 by Bryan Lagrange

I need the ability to change the angle for the automatic call out. Below is an example of a flange modeled at a 45degree angle. SolidWorks calls out 135 degree in the automatic call out in the drawing environment. If I were to give this to the press brake operator with a 135 degree call out the press brake would make an open bend and not a closed bend as shown.

To make this bend at the press brake the operator would enter 45 not 135 at the press brake.

The work around is to not show the automatic call out, and to manually enter the angle on the flat pattern. Simple if there was just one bend and one part to do, but when you have a part with multiple bends and a drawing that has multiple parts like this, the manual over ride adds to the drawing time and can add to the potential of operator error if the wrong angle is entered.

If there is not a way to change this, I would like to see this as a future enhancement.