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Manufacturer Part with Duplicate Reference

Question asked by Lord Fly on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Evan Stanek

Maybe this is not the best way to go about this, but it seemed like it to me.  At least it did at first.


Since I'm designing schematics for multiple customers, I thought I would separate them complete by library.  Customer A gets a library with all their symbols and parts, Customer B gets a library with all their symbols and parts, etc.  However, since manufacturer parts seem to be based on the reference number (aka manufacturers part number), you can't duplicate them.  So if Customer A has part number ABC123 in their library, Customer B can't have the same part number in their library.


I guess for the most part this would not generally cause an issue, but if the customer is using their own internal part numbers (which I was putting under Article number), it doesn't work.  If Customer A uses part number ABC123, but they call it XYZ789, Customer B can not have an internal number because it's already been assigned, and would not be what Customer B calls it.


Anyone know a decent way to get around this?