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OIL HEATER - what is wrong?

Question asked by Nicola Mora on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Nicola Mora

Hello, I'm trying to do a flow analysis on a direct fire vegetable oil heater, but I'm getting wrong results, so I'm assuming I'm missing something.

As Initial condition I just increased temperature at 330F, keeping pressure at ambient.

As for boundary conditions, I'm assuming the burner as an Inlet air flow at 1000F, 350cfm @ 18.7psi tot. pressure, air outlet as Outlet Air Flow as 350cfm.

For the oil side, an inlet volume of 4cuft/min@330F, and as Outlet a static pressure of 20.7psi tot. pressure@330F.

Global mesh at 2 with advanced channel refinement and 0.1ft min gap. I cannot increase more the mesh because it use more than 32gb of ram, and I have 32gb installed only.


Problem1: Temperature of oil doesn't increase as expected.

Problem2: Inlet oil pressure @ 140psi??


Any suggestions?