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    API InsertWeldmentTrimFeature2 array of bodies, Structural member

    Grzegorz Janisz


      I have a little problem while using function InsertWeldmentTrimFeature. I know here are a lot of guys that's probably everyday use function but I'm very new in solidworks Api that's why I need your help.


      Basicly problem is probably because I define Body array wrong way but the way I understand it it schould work. Here's code I use. I don't have an acces to the oryginal code That I have written at work but here's more less what I mean.


      In the instruction I found that I need to define body array for trimming bodies and for bodies that will be trimmed. Can you explain me why I doesn't work the way I wrote it and what schould it look like?


      Best Regards



      Dim swSelMgr as sldworks.selectionmgr

      Dim swFeatureMgr as sldworks.Featuremanager

      Dim vBodyToTrim as variant

      Dim swBodyToTrim as sldworks.body2

      Dim vBodyTrimming as variant

      Dim swBodyTrimming as sldworks.body2

      Dim swFeature as sldworks.Feature

      Dim boolstatus as boolean

      Dim Options as Long


      Sub main()


      Set swapp = application.sldworks

      Set swModel = swapp.activedoc

      Set swselmgr = swmodel.selectionmanager

      Set swFeaturemgr = swmodel.featuremanager


      'Here I select structural member with selectbyid2 and mark it accordingg to instruction


      Set swBodyToTrim = swselmgr.getselectedobject6(1, -1)

      vBodyToTrim(0) = swBodyToTrim

      Set swBodyTrimming = swselmgr.getselectedobject6(2, -1)

      vBodyTrimming(0) = swBodyTrimming


              Options = swWeldmentTrimExtendOption_AllowTrimmedExtensionTrim + swWeldmentTrimExtendOption_AllowTrimmingExtensionTrim + swWeldmentTrimExtendOption_CopedCut + swWeldmentTrimExtendOption_WeldGap



      Set swFeature = swfeaturemgr.InsertWeldmentTrimFeature2(1, Options, 0.01, (vBodyToTrim), (vBodyTrimming))



      End sub