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power surfacing, it can be controlled?

Question asked by Jose Eduardo Hernández Galindo on Apr 7, 2018

Hi everyone im starting to use POWER SURFACING as easier way to make complex forms, I'm bottle glass designer adn the mos dificult problem when i'm at work its the glass details, power surfacing looks great fo that job.

My central question is, can i control the way i make the "free form " ? like make coincidences with skecht points or surfaces or make profiles what control the edge and the size? as we can see in the image, the sketch  is controlled for a quick modifications so if i want a specific size it's easy just modifying the sketch.


Some parts, for the complex forms makes dificult the control, but if I can control specific points of power surfaces  meabe this comes to be a real solucion for those cases.


did someone traied to make that kind of control ?

any other suggestion for my problem ?

thanks for your comments