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Administration Menu Settings buttons "Reset" and "Copy"

Question asked by Sam Sam on Apr 6, 2018

PDM Administration/"ServerName"/"VaultName"/Users (or User)/Settings/Menu have two buttons -"Reset" and "Copy".

If the menu is empty (most often for the file) - it helps.

But if it has to be done often, and not in one vault - it begins to irritate.


At the same time, the lack of settings obviously isn't shown in any way - just users have many unclear problems (the user doesn't see that in the menu and some other settings - is empty).

Very often, if there are unclear problems - to check 4 points of Settings enough:

- AddingFiles

- Explorer

- Menus/...

- Vievers.

If instead of settings it is empty - that after their restoration - all unclear problems as a rule disappear.

And, at lack of settings of a problem arise at all users.


I have seen all Forum and have practically not found anything on this matter. In spite on the fact that constantly

I face these problems in different versions of PDM since 2009.


Question 1: Someone met this problem (differently for what this buttons)? If yes, that as is frequent? If someone has any information on probable causes (if I am not mistaken, it is not setting up the register - most likely it is data in SQL Server bases)?

Question 2: Whether it is possible to automate somehow process of detection of failures in settings and/or their restoration?