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PDF Creation in PDM Standard

Question asked by John Wayman on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2018 by Ants Palgi


We have migrated over to PDM Standard 2018 from Workgroup PDM, and I am trying to get automatic creation of PDF copies of drawings to work correctly.

I have the task enabled in the workflow, and, sure enough, a PDF is created each time a drawing undergoes the transition from Under Check to Released.


My problem is as follows:

My drawing title block includes the Revision. When the drawing goes through the Release Transition into the Released State, the Alphabetic Revision is incremented and the Numeric Revision is reset to -00. However, the task to create a PDF is executed in the Transition, but the Revision is changed in the State:







The result is that the drawing file in the vault has the Revision A-00 shown in the title block, but the PDF copy of the same drawing has whatever the Revision was before Release, e.g. DEV-07, shown in the title block.

How can I get the PDF task to operate on the drawing after the Revision has been changed?


SW 2017, SP5

SW PDM Standard 2018, SP2

Windows 10 Pro