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    Aircraft Propeller Torque Measurements

    Michael Deloyer

      Hi, this may seem stupid but I just have a simple question regarding Torque Measurements.

      The basic setup for this Propeller Blade is:

      External Sim

      Local Rotating Region about Y-axis

      Rotation of -500 rad/s (counter-clockwise)

      Ambient air conditions (Determining Static Thrust)

      SG Torque: applied to all surfaces of all blades


      I suppose I have two questions:

      1. Does the measured torque mean the level of torque required from a motor in order to turn the propeller at given -500 rad/s?

      2. Does the negative symbol (SG Torque (Y) -10.655) simply indicated direction of torque (CCW), not an actual negative torque value?


      Flow Simulation Results: Goal Table




      Thank you anyone for your consideration and help,