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Sheet metal gauge / bend table for air bending

Question asked by Matt Zglobicki on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Dennis Dohogne

We have a new press brake in our shop and I am trying to get SolidWorks sheet metal flat patterns to match the blank size from the brake controller (it has been very accurate). We are air bending and using consistent tooling per material thickness.

I am trying to use a gauge table with bend allowance to create the proper flat pattern based on angle. I made a simple part with 1 bend and ran it through the brake software to get its blank size for various bend angles. I then back figured what the bend allowance should be in SolidWorks for the corresponding angle to give me the correct flat pattern dimension for this bend.  I know the radius changes with air bending based on the tooling used and angle bent, but as I mentioned we are using consistent tooling and I was hoping to make up for the radius with the bend allowance. For us having the correct flat pattern dimension is more important than radius on the part.

The problem I am having is the table is not working the way I thought it would. I started with a sample table from SW and have filled in some bend allowances for each thickness per angle. The table gives correct flat pattern for the 90 degree bend and nothing else. Any other angle does not seem to be pulling the bend allowance from the table. With the part set at anything but 90, if I change the bend allowance for the corresponding angle in the table it does not change the flat pattern dimension. If I change the bend allowance for the 90 degree angle it changes the flat pattern for all angles. It is as if SolidWorks is using the bend allowance for 90 degrees and then maybe K factor form there. 

I must be missing something, am I using the table wrong?  Has anyone else found a good way to have their SolidWorks flat patterns match what comes out of a brake controllers software, is there another way to do this?


I have attached my table, any help would be much appreciated