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Can I peruse work in sold works?

Question asked by Bryce Beaumont on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Rick McDonald

So, I've heard it is possible to get work online in Solidworks. I am a computer science student looking for a flexible way to work online around the school.
I earned a CSWA certificate 2 years ago, and haven't done anything with it since. Outside of a one-semester course, I took at a community college to get the certificate I have no experience, and I can't honestly say I'm super confident in my abilities, although I'm pretty sure I can pick up new skills quickly.


1) Is it viable for a person like me to get freelance work online?
2) What websites should I use to look?
3) I have not purchased sold works yet, and am wondering if it's a good idea to make the investment, what version should I buy?
4) How much should I charge?
Thank you for any and all information.