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    Macro to write PDM variables in Part Properties

    Viktor Ács



      I'm new to macros, however i wrote a fairly difficult macro. This is how it works: i preselect a bunch of points and lines(in pairs), then creates splines from it, then measures the spline lenght, then it creates a sweep, with selectable width and thin from a window, it saves each sweep in a part, then it saves the parts in an assembly, then adds every spline lenght together, and finally it shows in a massage window the result in meter. Its basicly a simplified routing with vba macro. My goal is to save the spline lenghts in some kind of form in the parts, so i can insert in a BOM. We have created in PDM a variable(i dont know the correct term) for parts, which i can display in BOMs. I prefer saving the spline lenghts in that variable. Is it even possible? if so how do i do it?