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Using hyperlinks from the BOM

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

I am assuming that it is still not possible to generate hyperlinks inside the BOM table? a question that has come up regularly over the years, since hyperlinks were introduced in notes. For example: Hyperlink in BOM , Can you export a Solidworks drawing to pdf with BOM hyperlinks that take you to area where part is used?

I have found the nice work by Blake Dahle who created a macro that measures the existing BOM table cells and places a text note "*" behind the table with a hotlink that is generated from the part number column.

BOM Hyperlink
I've managed to edit Blake's macro to do what I want. I now have the * appearing on the column line with space filled note coverting most of the part number. blakes BOM was bottom right so I had to fiddle about as mine is top left.

So all the people who need to work with our pdf drawings here, can open the component part drawings via hotlinks on the assembly drawing pdf.


My macro now looks at the part numbers and makes links only for the ones that do or will have drawings, jumping over the screws and bin numbers makes a hotlink to where all our pdf drawings are stored under part number listing, making the hotlink irrespective of if the drawing exists yet or not.


I want to add some more features to the macro:


  • Place BOM anchor top left and anchor BOM to it. Existing assembly drawings do not have the BOM anchor point set or the bom anchored, so ideally the macro would do that automatically (currently I just have a message box telling the user to do it).


  • Create a new layer "hyperlink BOM", with a pale grey colour, and make it current.
    Delete everything on the hyperlink BOM layer that already exists, if the layer exists. Or perhaps just delete all notes that lie within the BOM table area, but are not part of the BOM.


  • Add the linked notes as I have working already.


  • Set current layer to "Per Standard".


I dont really know what I'm doing...I'm mainly using google...