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Centroid of an enclosed spline in a sketch

Question asked by Toby Webbley on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Rob Edwards



I'm trying to find the centroid of a closed spline in a sketch. I want to be able to pick the centroid of an enclosed spline and move it to the centre of the sketch (or any other reference point). Is this possible?


If you use the section properties command it gives you the centroid of the whole sketch, but unless you manually draw a point and dimension it from the sketch origin you can't grab the enclosed spline like you can if it was an undefined circle and you grabbed it from the circle centre point.


I want to be able to move more than one enclosed spline while working in a sketch so the only way I can see is to extract the individual splines and save them as a block, edit the block, manually draw the centre point and move it to the sketch origin and re-insert the block into the sketch I'm working in, but this will get a bit repetitive!


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