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    Downgrade service pack?

    Jake Bakerin

      I have SW2015  (sp5 ) and experienced some brutal crashing

      Can sp be downgraded?

      I want to ask before uninstalling/reinstalling SW2015 with sp4

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          Paul Salvador

          Hello Jake,.. before you do... suggest you try a few things,...

          ..first try a registry reset and see if that works?...  Resetting the SOLIDWORKS registry

          .. and/or,.. if that does not work.. do a Repair..  2015 SOLIDWORKS Installation Help - Repairing an Installation



          oh,.. one other obvious thing,.. do a reboot before and after this,.. some windows services tend to run wild (like windows file explorer) and it is always worth doing.

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            Rick McDonald

            I strongly suggest you do as Paul Salvador said, but with one addition:


            Before doing the Registry Reset or the repair - run you Copy Settings Wizard - to make a backup of all you settings.

            Then after you reset or repair, try using the default settings and check if things work well.

            If it does run well you can start to customize - periodically running the wizard again (saving files with new names so you have some incremental changes that you can easily revert back a step or two if you suddenly have a problem).


            Also I suggest you relate some of the reasons or situations that cause the crashes (what were you doing? is it consistent...) to others on the forum or to your VAR (although - since you are still on 2015 you probably are off subscription).


            I have downgraded from 2015 SP2.x back to SP1.1 without any problems but you never know.

            When I did that I was having some problems (don't remember now what they were) but the downgrade was unintentional - I had problems and did an un-install(with the intention of re-installing the same version) and then I couldn't re-install (bad files) and had to downgrade.  Later upgraded to 2015 SP5 (subscription ended so I couldn't go higher) 


            I would suspect that if you are having big problems you probably made a setting or something got corrupted, where a registry reset or options reset to defaults might clear it up.  Always hard to say.

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              Umberto Zanola

              Hi Jake, I'm still on 2015SP5, but there are additional stability update patches to be applied AFTER installing SP5 I think they are called stability fixes and can be downloaded from solidworks support site.

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                Jake Bakerin

                Thank you, All

                I will follow your suggestions to see how it works