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    Non-technical Thread:  Furry Friends

    Todd Blacksher

      Sometimes you just want to share a picture of your pets (Whatever you may call them: Furry Friends, Fur-kids, Interns, and so on.)

      We have a great "landing area" for off-topic posts, but it would be really easy for the great pictures to get lost with everything else in "Kitty Land" -

      (The "Kitty Dump"  - **** Top Ten List - VOTE NOW VOTE NOW also vote on SW R&D Allocations **** - Watercooler - Trash it Here - Food For Thought - Talk About Whatever Here ;) )


      Post 'em here, I'll start -


      These are "our boys", and yes, we did have a professional photographer take pictures of our dogs.


      EDIT:  Ash is our Corgi, named after Bruce Campbell's character in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series.

      Bucky is our "Designer Dog" (We don't like to use the M..u..t..t.. word), named after the World Series MVP 40 years ago.

      (I don't like to use his full name - with the number of Red Sox fans in the crowd, it can spiral out of control really quickly.)

      Side note: I haven't watched MLB since the unmentioned player was traded, so I have no allegiance to any pro teams.

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