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Pin Connector, Shell elements

Question asked by Stefan Grube on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Bill McEachern

Hello everybody,

I use Solid Works Simulation 2017 and have a problem with a non linear study with Shell Ellements and a pin connector.

I have a step model of an assembly made out of two solid parts.

After creating a non linear study i defined the two shells by slecting the corresponding surfaces and added thicknes and material.

I can now still see the solid bodies on my screen and when i mesh it the view changes to the meshed shells.

The problem starts now because i want to connect the two parts with pin connectors but i can't.

If i select the two corresponding cylindrical surfaces for the pin connector and hit enter, the programm tells me to select an element that is part  of the Shells but i can not do that because they are not visible until the meshing is done.


If i go another route and create the middle surfaces myself first and then delete the solid body leaving only the two surfaces, again creating the same study as before, i cant create a pin connector because the programm is not letting me select the circular edges for the pin connectors, selection filters didnt help either.

Strangely selecting the circular edges of the shell for the pin connectors works fine in a linear study but nowhere was i able to find any information about pin connectors having restrictions in non linear studies.


Can anybody help?


Kind regards,