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Tee (custom) Positioning problem

Question asked by Denis Camazzola on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Tony Vitale

Hi, my name is Marco and i work for a company working on air filtering (dust, wood sawdust, iron filings) and we buy Solidworks for draw filters and other parts.

We also bought the Routing plugin for draw and prototype our tube lines.


I have an example of project..a simple tube line.


It looks easy, but i really cant finish this work with solidworks i must open my aged 2D Autocad.


My problem:

I really cant position or follow this sketch without 1000+ errors. This is my tee:


The pipe must divide with 30° and after that in most case i need to add 60° elbow.

From tee and elbow i must remove the pipe (0mm pipe)


Starting from x,y,z (0,5000,0), i draw a tube for 4m and now i need to go down.

How can i position the tee where i need?

I can only use RPoint but it not help me.. is far away from my tube destination.


in my tee, i draw all i need to determinate the tube position but i cant use it.

tee details.PNG

As you can see on the right, i determinate (with the arc) where my tube will end.

Can some one try to help me? Am i wrong somewhere?