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Advice on a better way to create overlapping wires/cables for eventual drawing?

Question asked by Kristina Smith on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Kristina Smith


I'm gonna be doing a lot of these assembly production models-into-drawings going forward, and I was wondering if there was a better way to do it than what I'm currently doing.


At the moment I'm using lines and tangent arcs to create sweep paths, which give me the resulting image. Glenn Schroeder already helped me once before by showing me the "Tangent Edges Removed" option, which I have done on this drawing.

The "issue" I'm having now, is that on straight-on Top views, changes in elevation still create a line on the wire. I can always edit it out after the fact, but if it's possible I'd like to change my modeling process going forward so that I don't create these issues.


Should I use more gradual slopes instead of these sort of 90-degree bends when drawing a wire up and over another wire? Is there something completely different altogether that I should be doing?