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Reversing order of BOM?

Question asked by Allan Reinhard on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Scott Grillot
Hello All,
I'm trying to order my BOM with item 1 at the bottom, counting upwards by increments of 1. With the BOM Type set for "Indented", and with the "Flat Numbering" option from the pull down list, SW2009SP2.1 creates my BOM with item 42 at the bottom, counting down to 1 as it goes up the BOM. Item 42 is the sub-assy in my model, and it's components are listed in this BOM, as line 41-9. Lines 8-1 are other parts called for.
I have tried everything I can see to reorder the BOM, RMB the ITEM NO. column and trying to sort ascending/decending - no effect on the ITEM NO order. If I change to "Detailed Numbering", or "No Numbering", then the ITEM NO list is what I want with 1 at the bottom, counting up.
Any help with this?

SW2009 SP2.1
Vista X64