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Ham Radio:  Non-technical Thread

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Rick Becker wrote:


Dennis Dohogne wrote:

...Rick Becker, play this at your next Court of Honor. I played it at a CUb Scout pack meeting when I was a Cubmaster.

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance - YouTube


My dad ordered a printed transcript of this and framed it and hung it our house. I wish I physically had it, but I have something more precious, the memory of him, how this affected him, and the good honorable man that he was. This attachment is also for those of you that can't access YouTube. It is not as good as listening to Red's delivery, but it is still good.


Thank you for posting this. Should be played on first day of school in every grade and in every school.


I played this three different times for my Den of Cub Scouts.

I now work with the newest crossover Scouts to earn their Scout Rank (brand new Rank). I will include this YouTube video.


Thank you also for the PDF version.


Love reading about the great memory you have with your Dad.

Hello Mr. Becker,


A little off the OP's topic, but since I see you give your efforts to scouting (thank you) and that I'm in amateur radio, I'd thought I pass these links along in case any of your charges would like to pursue the radio merit badge:


You can also look up the local amateur radio clubs in your area and I'm sure they'll be most eager to help you out.


As part the amateur radio FCC regulations, there are language restrictions that, if violated, can result in fines/license revocation, so potty talk isn't on this media as it is so ubiiquitous elsewhere.

So, it's a great place for kids to reach out to others around their town, or around the world, without worries of what they'll encounter..

Also, like this forum's members, amateur radio people ("hams") are very decent people from all over the world.


To me, prior to licensing, I thought amateur radio more as an electronics hobby (which it definitely can be), but you don't have to build anything, just buy it.

There's also some mechanical construction, such as making your own antennas (which I've done), plus the science of radio communications.

Beyond talking on the mic (phone mode), there are also digital modes that require a computer interfaced to the radio, running special software (which is generally free).

There's log recordkeeping and collecting contact information exchanges too, which develops details management.

Plus there's critical thinking development gained in troubleshooting connections, propogation, etc.


Anyhow, I've only been one since 2016 but I enjoy it immensely, so I thought I'd share this as I think your scouts will enjoy it too.




Kevin (AB1ZQ)