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confused! Checkout checkin

Question asked by Jason Ebersole on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by Jason Ebersole
It's late in the day, so maybe that explains why I'm confused...

I was demo'ing with PDME2008 a while ago, and thought for sure I had done this, but in PDME2009, I'm confused.

I thought there was a "permissions per folder" permission for "checkin" and a "State Permissions" permission also for "checkin", (like there is for checkout) but I am not seeing it in PDME2009.

I thought I could allow checkout of a file without changing state from Approved. The user could then undo checkout if they changed their mind, or if they wanted to checkin, they would have to change state first (to "request change" for example).

If the state change is required before checkout, and the user changes their mind, isn't allowing the rollback permission to get state back to approved a bit riskier?

I think I'm missing something...