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Balloon Quantity Placement: away from view (ER 1-17329102998)

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Tom Gagnon

I don't think that I'm missing a setting here, but I would like to see this as an enhancement request. Correct me if there's something that already does this.


My BOM drawings use autoballoon with Balloon Layout set to Layout Balloons to Square.

Balloon Quantities need to be added to each of the four 'rows' of magnetic line balloons separately, because the balloons on left get QTY on left, and all rows get their quantity placed away from the view so that it is not overlapping with either another balloon, or the leader line.

All workable so far, even if more fussy than I'd like.

The fuss doubles, however, when moving a balloon from one line to another for layout clarity after repositioning the magnetic lines. I have to reassign its Quantity Placement again. Or, ignore quantities until I'm satisfied that everything is where it needs to be, then select full rows to apply Quantity Placement.


I want an "Away from view" option in the Quantity Placement.

That way, it just goes where it's needed. If it is code-limited to four quadrant locations (not full radial), then maybe it could automatically determine what is nearest quadrant away from view on a radial balloon layout (Layout Balloons to Circular setting).

Furthermore, if this setting is kept, its Quantity Placement would adapt usefully if that balloon moves to another line, the other side of the view, or whatever.


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