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Any way to set permission for things inside a folder and not to the folder itself?

Question asked by Ctm Pdm Admin on Apr 1, 2018
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I want users to be able to create, delete and rename folders inside a folder but not to rename or move that folder itself. Is there anyway to do this?


In Windows you can set permissions to a folder that don't get inherited by sub-folders. But this doesn't seem to be an option in PDM.






          \Project #1

               \Template Folder 1

               \User Folder 1

               \User Folder 2

          \Project #2

               \Template Folder 1

               \User Folder 1


User should be able to create files and folders inside Project #1 and Project #2 but not be able to rename "Project #1" and "Project #2". Keep in mind that admin does not know what folders are going to be in those projects thus it is not possible to set permissions on those folders beforehand or as part of the template.


Any solution?