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What is the advantage of having multiple parts in the same drawing file?

Question asked by Kray Shivers on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Dan Golthing

Hello everyone,


I just started at this company and have been tasked with helping create some drafting standards. The first thing I noticed when working on a project is that when it come time to do the drawing we use the final assembly model to start the drawing and that usually take the first 2 pages. Every page after that is a sheet with multiple parts on it. there could be up to 4 different parts on a sheet.


Could someone explain what advantage this has, because from where i sit it takes almost twice as long to create the one file than it would be for me to make separate files, the parts don't get the required views and the dimensions are hard to ready, plus i see it as a file management nightmare. Especially since the company plans to expand.


Just to recap.

Assembly drawing has all of its parts detailed out on other sheets within the same file.

I believe that each model file should have its own drawing.

Please discuss.


Thank you in advance for you time.