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Cut-Sweep Errors in SolidWorks 2011

Question asked by Nathan Engdahl on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

I've look at quite a few posts on here, watched a few YouTube videos, but none seem to cover the problems I've been encountering.  I am converting some parts over, and they have small cooling channels.  I've been using secondary planes and cut-sweep to make the channels, but when I come to the small corners, weither they be square or round, I keep on getting errors.  I've tried using a right angle, then a small radius, then a larger radius than the diameter of the tube, to no avail.


I tried a second approach, using multiple planes, and it looks like it was able to get the first curve swept, but hangs up on the rest.


I'm out of ideas.  Very frustrating.