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Sub Assembly Component Balloons Populate with Asterisk

Question asked by Ryan Goff on Apr 1, 2018
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I am a student and am near completing my first semester using SW. I am creating a working drawings package that contains 1 main assembly, 1 sub assembly, and a handful of component detail drawings.

Sheet 1 is of the main assembly, and contains a BoM which identifies the sub-assembly as a single component with a single balloon identifying it as "...sub assembly". This BoM also contains balloons for standard parts and other components which are not part of the sub assembly. My balloons are correct on this sheet.

Sheet 2 is of the sub assembly, and contains a BoM of the components which make up the sub assembly. Balloons on this sheet populate with an asterisk instead of the number which matches the BoM.


I have been searching this forum and trying things for the past couple of hours and have not found a solution. None of my parts or assemblies contain more than one configuration (just the default config). None of the components have the option checked to "exclude from Bill of Materials". None of my components are repeat components (all are only used once in the assembly).


Both BoMs were inserted as "Top Level Only", and Part Configuration Grouping set to "Display as one item number" box checked, and "Display Configurations of the same part as separate items". I have also tried changing this setting to "Display all configurations of the same part as one item". I am at a loss as to what to try next.