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Simulation - Movement of Parts Relative to Each Other

Question asked by Lakhvinder Singh on Apr 1, 2018

Hi All,


I am running a simulation, with 2 flat long parts made with beams (one part on top of the other). The two parts are joined together with one hydraulic cylinder on each side (i don't want to model the cylinders in the simulation as we are not interested in the stresses in the cylinders). I have fixed the lower part at the 4 corners. I am trying to run a vibration analysis. I want the top part to move relative to the bottom part.


Is there a fixture which I can put in so that the top part only moves any side, only relative to the bottom part? I tried to put in link connectors, but the stiffness matrix just keeps on going on and on, with an error in the end that model is unstable. If I take the link connectors out, then the analysis runs perfectly. My question is is there a way to make the two parts move same / relative to each other?