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    Invisible settings?

    Thomas Horst

      Sometimes, Solidworks opens dialog boxes on my second monitor, even though I only run SW on one screen. this is annoying. Sometimes I don't notice that it's popped up a dialog in the far upper corner of the other screen while waiting for something to load.


      While searching for something in settings, I came across one day by accident a setting called "Center all dialogs on the active document" (just search settings for "center"). "Well, that sounds great", I thought. So I click on it, and it takes me to the "General settings" tab, and puts up a message that says:

      "The setting is on this page, but it is only visible when certain document types or settings are active. Click help for more information."

      Searching help for the setting "center all dialogs" comes up with nothing, nor does searching the error message.


      I can't find anything that tells me what type of document needs to be active, or what setting I might need to change before it will show me this option. I've tried with parts, assemblies, and drawings open, and with nothing open (I know there are some options that can only be changed when no files are open). I've seen options that are greyed out unless criteria are met, but I've never seen something that literally doesn't show you that the setting exists until the conditions are met. I don't even know if it might be already checked, because I can't see the option at all. They only thing I can see is the search result indicating that there is in fact a setting for that.


      Anybody know about this setting, or how it can be viewed/changed? It's frustrating to have what looks like a solution to a daily annoyance right there, but be told it's invisible and have no way to see it.


      Running 2017 SP3.0 with Win10 pro 64bit


      Thanks in advance,

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          Jim Sculley

          You can turn it on via the registry:



          I'm not sure what it does though.  It isn't in the Help or the What's New Guide for 2017, which is when the option seems to have appeared.

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            Britt Kessler

            I have this setting turned on in response to the SW bug that would push critical dialogue windows off-screen so they could not be accessed.

            It's somewhat annoying to always have every message appear in the center of my screen, but at least I don't have to bring up the task manager and kill SolidWorks because some error dialogue is off the edge of my monitor.


            As to your problem, I looked to find where I had turned the setting on, and I can't readily find it. You might try searching the forums for my original problem / thread to see from where the option is toggled.


            EDIT: It turns out that the setting I found to compensate for the off-screen dialogue bug is in Nvidia Desktop manager. (See image below).