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    CosmosWorks API question

    Brendan L
      Hello all,
      I have been working on a program that will get the tip deflection of a wing. This required me to obtain the nodes on the tip of the wing and find their displacement. I originally had thought the most logical course of action was to use a Static Linear Analysis, get the nodes from the mesh, and then use the function GetDisplacementComponentForAllStepsAtNode to obtain the displacement at the nodes. Everything worked great until the code got to the previously stated function where it would return an error stating "Study does not have this result type." I tried many things to get rid of this error including changing the function to something else. Finally, I changed the type of Study I used to non-linear (shot in the dark) and ran my original code. It worked beautifully. I was wondering what makes the GetDisplacementComponentForAllStepsAtNode function not accessible in a static study and what makes the function accessible in the non-linear study?

        • CosmosWorks API question
          Bill McEachern
          a static study has only 1 step - I would suspect that there is a different function for that type of data. If you use the large displacement option it would generate steps but they would not be saved or available but I could be wrong on that point.

          If the air plane is small and wings stiff such that the displacement is say less that half the mean wing thickness then a static study should be a reasonable approximation. If the displacements are large though you should probably use the NL study.