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    Solidworks PDM 2017

    Eric Swartz

      We have a PDM server at our home office, replicated to another site.  We're running out of disc space and are in the process of cleaning things up a bit.  We're seeing an increase in available space after the clean-up service runs on the server at our home office.  However, we don't see a corresponding savings on the replicated server.  Any idea why this would be?  We really need to get this problem solved quickly.




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          Shaodun Lin

          Did you Destroy the files after clean-up?

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            Carsten Wesseler

            Hi Eric,


            YouTube Neef to activate Thema Clean Up Service on everyone server You need it as the Service only runs on the one you activated it.


            Edit: you could also activate the compression if you are running out of disc space.


            Kind regards, Carsten

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                Eric Swartz

                It was my understanding the clean-up service was already activated (no need to activate after install).  However... I did add the entry to the registry so I know it's going to run and when.  I temporarily set the time shortly after I made the change so I could see an immediate impact.  It did pick up a few GB, but nothing like I would've expected had the service not been running at all.  I set the registry entry to run each night after that.

                We do have compression enabled... but I went ahead and added that registry entry as well in case the GP policy wasn't set for that server.


                Thanks for your help.