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Surface Flatten: Increase number of mesh elements to enhance accuracy

Question asked by Jakub Kwiecinski on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by J. R.



I am currently using the Surface Flatten feature to 'unwrap' various cylindrical surfaces.


SW controls the number of elements used to execute the cylindrical -> planar transformation during the operation via the "accuracy slider".  Higher accuracy = more elements added to the surface.


Unfortunately, the surface models I am working with are sufficiently large with tight features such that I lose the desired accuracy as the model (surface) size increases.  (note that for some models, reducing to a generic 'repeating unit' is not possible due to its uniqueness).


So, I would like to know if is possible to increase the accuracy of the surface flatten procedure beyond what is possible with the accuracy slider?  (i.e. somehow modify the SW defaults).


A few screen-grabs below.


Looking forward to your feedback.





Image 1: Small model w/ Highest Accuracy (Result: good resolution)

1-Small Model_Highest Accuracy.png



Image 2: Small model w/ Highest Accuracy - Closeup view of automated mesh

2-Small Model_Closeup.png



Image 3: Large model w/ Highest Accuracy (Result: lost accuracy)

3-Large Model_Highest Accuracy.png



Image 4: Large model w/ Highest Accuracy - Closeup.  Note overly triangulated inner radius.

4-Large Model_Closeup.png